Fikain is a leading digital printing company in the region, specializing in fabric printing with strengths in silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs and desires of our customers.

In addition, Fikain provides uniform T-shirts for companies, organizations, schools, and more. With various styles, colours, and materials, our uniform T-shirts will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Furthermore, Fikain is proud to offer contract manufacturing services for local brands, serving individuals and businesses with unique business ideas under the sub-brand May in thêu Hải Triều. We will support you from design, and sample creation, to production and delivery, helping you save time and cost.

Our deep understanding of printing technology, talented design team, project management experience, and customer-focused service has helped Fikain become a trusted partner for many large customers in various industries.

We want to cooperate and bring the best value to our customers. Contact us today for consultation and order!